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1914-15 Star; British War Medal; Victory Medal 1914-19 with original Mention in Despatches Emblem on ribbon (121035 G.Bailey, PO.1 RN.); Naval Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, Victoria, impressed naming (Geo.Bailey, PO.1st.Cl. HMS. 'St.Vincent') : (GEORGE BAILEY - Born 18 May 1866 at Pagham, Sussex and entered the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd.Class in HMS.'St Vincent' on 19 September 1882 : Advanced to Ordinary Seaman from 1 July 1884, subsequently served at sea in numerous ships and at shore bases being promoted through the ranks to become Petty-Officer 1st.Class from 11 October 1894, whilst again serving in the Training Ship HMS. 'St Vincent' : Long Service & Good Conduct Medal awarded on 31 December 1894 : Shore Pensioned from HMS. 'Firequeen' on 4 September 1904 and joined the Royal Fleet Reserve on the same day : Discharged as 'Medically Unfit' on 19 January 1909 but with the outbreak of war was re-engaged on 2 August 1914 : On 9 March 1916 he joined the crew of the lightly armed, HM.Trawler 'Onward' : Throughout the month of July 1916, submarine attacks on the North Sea fishing fleets increased and off the East Coast no fewer than thirty-six vessels were exterminated during this month alone : These attacks were mainly carried out by U.24; U.46; U.52 and U.69 and working in combination they decoyed the three armed trawlers of the famous Peterhead Patrol, 'Era'; 'Onward' and 'Nellie Nutten', into a trap and destroyed them. Late in the afternoon of 11 July, the 'Onward' signalled that a submarine was in sight, 120 miles E.S.E. of Girdle Ness. Both 'Onward' and 'Nellie Nutton' bore down on the U-Boat, opening fire but finding their 3 pounder guns completely outranged : From the north-east a second submarine then appeared and the surprise was completed by the arrival of yet a third underwater foe coming out of the south-east : Driven forward between the U-Boats and under a long range cross fire the three trawlers succumbed to the vastly superior force : The crews of 'Era' and 'Onward' were captured but a Dutch lugger rescued the crew of 'Nellie Nutten' and brought them into Aberdeen : The recipient was taken to Holland where he was interned in a POW camp for the remainder of the war, but the account of the action was relayed back to the Admiralty and he was awarded a retrospective Mention-in-Despatches for his gallantry on 11 July 1916 - London Gazette dated 5 October 1918.) : Sold with verification; copy Service Record; copy London Gazette entry; copy extracts taken from the official Admiralty Report of the action on 11 July 1916 : Medals swing mounted on brooch-bar for wear EF - £695