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GVR., bar,'Persian Gulf 1909-1914' to 189087 W.J.ADAMS, PO.1Cl. HMS.'Fox' : (WILLIAM JOHN ADAMS - Born 9 June 1879 at Littleham, Exmouth, Devon, a Butcher's Assistant, when he joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 2Cl. on 14 October 1898: He served in numerous ships and progressed through the ranks to be Petty-Officer 1 in HMS.'Fox' on 15 July 1912: He was awarded the LS&GC.Medal on 7 Agust 1912: At the outbreak of World War One, he was still serving in 'Fox' but left the ship for the shore base 'Vivid 1' on 29 October 1915 where he remained until 20 March 1916: On 21 March 1916 he joined HMS.'Vala' (Special Service Ship Q-8) and was promoted to CPO. from 3 January 1917: He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal - London Gazette 1 January 1917 and a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal - London Gazette 23 March 1917: He was Mentioned in Despatches - London Gazette 27 July 1917: HMS.'Vala' had at least eight encounters with U-Boats between November 1916 and July 1917 and was damaged by enemy gunfire on no fewer than four occasions. She was finally sunk on 21 August 1917 by U-54: William John Adams was killed in this action. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial: Throughout the period of World One One 1914-1920, the Distinguished Service Medal with Bar was only awarded on sixty-seven occasions.) : Sold with verification, copy Service Record, copy London Gazette entries and related research: Medal originally sent to the recipient at HMS.'Vivid' on 10 November 1915. Roll shows duplicate medal sent to brother on 30 August 1924: Other First War service medals also sent to brother: All the medals sent to the recipient's brother together with a duplicate Distinguished Service Medal are known to be in a private collection. This medal has the correct style of impressed naming for 1915 and is the original issued to the recipient: A very rare item to a man decorated on three separate occasions and killed in action whilst serving in a Q-Ship: GVF - £695