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George V issue, Admiral's bust, swivelling suspender ((1910-1920) - 174267 WILLIAM REED, Ch.Sto., HMS.'Russell' : (GEORGE REED - Born 11 November 1873 at Stoke, Kent, a labourer by trade at the date of joining the Royal Navy, 31 May 1893 : Served in numerous ships and progressed through the Stoker Rates to be Chief Stoker when joining the crew of the battleship HMS. 'Russell' from 13 August 1912 : Long Service & Good Conduct Medal awarded 30 April 1913 : At the outbreak of the First World War the recipient was still serving in 'Russell' which in November 1915 was sent to the Mediterranean in support of the Dardanelles Campaign : On 27 April 1916 whilst sailing off Malta the ship struck two mines laid by a German submarine : 'Russell' sank with the loss of one hundred and twenty five of her crew from the total complement of seven hundred and twenty : The recipient survived the sinking and was "Commended for behaving with great coolness on the occasion of the loss of HMS. 'Russell' : He was awarded the Bronze Medal for Military Valour by the King of Italy (Al Valore) : - "Chief Stoker William Reed. RN. 174267 - Upon the occasion of the loss of HMS.'Russell' in the Mediterranean on 27th.April 1916, he was in charge of an important part of the engine-room and stoke-hold below, and behaved with great coolness in dealing with the situation after the ship had been mined. He only left his station at the last possible moment before the ship sank, and did not then until the order had been given to abandon the engine-room." : He was Shore Pensioned from HMS. 'Bacchante' on 31 March 1919.) : Sold with verification; copy Service Record; copy Citation for the Italian Al Valore; related research : EF - £200