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Boer War Tribute medallion in bronze by George Frampton, 76.5mm in diameter, unnamed : Obverse in high relief depicting the seated figure of Londonia wearing armour and a soldier of the City Imperial Volunteers receiving the Freedom of the City of London, with to each side trumpeting heralds and ribbons showing the principle military engagements : The reverse bears a flagstaff flying both the Union flag and the standard of the CIV mounted on the summit of a hill encircled by trees with field guns to each side on a starburst background with the inscription "The City of London Imperial Volunteers raised and equipped for the war in South Africa by the citizens of London, formed December 1899 returned to London October 1900" : Only some five hundred of these medallions were produced (Hansons) Scarce VF - £250 ************************************************** See also the Queen's South Africa Medal awarded to 1445 Private HERBERT MEREDITH, City Imperial Volunteers, currently offered in our 'Single Campaign Medals' section :