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Queen's South Africa Medal, bars, 'Cape Colony', 'Orange Free State', 'South Africa 1901', 'South Africa 1902', officially impressed naming (3126 Serjt. R.L. MURPHY, 1st.Dragoon Gds:); Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, Edward VII, officially impressed naming (3126 S.S. Mjr. R.L. MURPHY, 1/Dgn.Gds.) : (REGINALD LESLIE MURPHY - Born at Kilmainham, Dublin, Ireland in December 1872, the son of WILLIAM ALFRED MURPHY, the Regimental Sergeant-Major of the 1st. (King's) Dragoon Guards : Attested for the 1st. Dragoon Guards at Beverley, on 5 January 1887, when only 14 years of age : Appointed Lance-Corporal 24 February 1891; promoted to Corporal from 19 April 1893; appointed Lance-Sergeant 17 October 1895 but on 1 January 1896 reverted to Corporal at his own request : Again appointed to Lance-Sergeant from 23 November 1897 and then promoted to Sergeant on 4 February 1898 : Promoted to Squadron Sergeant-Major on 1 December 1902 whilst serving in South Africa : On returning home he was posted to the Lothian and Berwickshire Imperial Yeomanry from 30 June 1906 and was still serving with the Yeomanry when he retired on 4 August 1914 : He was re-employed during World War One and was appointed Acting Regimental Sergeant-Major of the Lothian and Berwickshire IY. on 21 October 1914 and subsequently confirmed as Temporary Regimental Sergeant-Major for the duration of the War from 2 May 1917 : He received a Class B mention on the Secretary of State's List for 24 February 1917, "For valuable services in connection with the War". He remained in England throughout the War and did not qualify for any medals for his Great War Service. He was finally discharged on 2 January 1920.) Sold with verification, copy Service Papers, copy Secretary of State's "Mention", related research : Mounted on wearing brooch for display purposes (To be sold together with the medals awarded to his father WILLIAM ALFRED MURPHY as a Family Lot.) VF- GVF - £1295