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1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal 1914-19 (10662 Pte. S.Wales Bord.) : (SIDNEY CHARLES LAWRENCE - Born 1891 at Cwmbran, Monmouthshire, attested at Newport, Monmouthshire on 26 July 1911 and joined the South Wales Borderers at the Brecon Depot the following day : Posted to 1st Battalion from 12 October 1911 he remained at home until transferred to 2nd Battalion on 4 September 1912, when the Battalion was posted for service in Northern China : At the outbreak of war the Battalion, was stationed at Tientsin, and on 23 September 1914 was sent to Lao Shan Bay to take part in combined operations in conjunction with Japanese forces, to capture the German Naval Base at Tsingtao : The recipient returned home from 14 January 1915 and remained until 17 March 1915 when the Battalion was posted to the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force for service in Gallipoli and was among the Regiments landing on the beaches on the first day of the campaign, 25 April 1915 : At 22.30 hrs. on 1 May 1915 the Battalion was holding trenches near "White House" running east to Morto Bay, when the enemy attacked in force : The Battalion together with 1st. Battalion, The Border Regiment repulsed the attacks and the enemy got no closer than 100yards from the British positions : In the days following the Turks sent out burial parties under a white flag and the South Wales Borderers assisted in collecting the bodies of over one hundred and fifty Turkish dead that lay infront of the Battalion's right flank : On 7 May 1915 the Battalion took over the trenches near "Gully Ravine" and at 17.40 hrs. the following day took part in an attack on the Turkish positions : Almost immediately it encountered a deadly crossfire, casualties being particularly heavy in the second line, "Which was mowed down wholesale as it crossed the parapet." : Three Officers and forty-eight Other Ranks were killed with a further eighty-three men, including the recipient, being wounded : He received a bullet wound to his right hand and was subsequently evacuated to Egypt for hospital treatment : On release from hospital on 24 June 1915, he joined the Base Details at Mustapha and was then attached to 19th.General Hospital for temporary duty on 4 August 1915 : On 24 March 1916 he embarked at Alexandria for France and on 5 May 1916, re-joined his Regiment in the field : On 1 June 1916 in an attack the recipient received a gun-shot wound to the chest and right elbow and was admitted to No.4 Casualty Clearing Station at Beauval : He re-joined the Battalion in the field on 6 July 1916 : On 11 April 1917 he transferred to Transportation Troops Depot at Boulogne and on 17 April 1917 joined the Royal Engineers as a Sapper - Steam Engine Fireman and was subsequently posted to No.44 Railway Operating Company : He was discharged to 'B' Army Reserve from 12 April 1919 : He had married on 17 February 1919 but at just thirty years of age, he died on 30 September 1921 at his home address in Cwmbran of Lobar Pneumonia.) : Sold with verification, copy Service Record, original forwarding document for British War and Victory Medals, copy Marriage and Death Certificates, original photographs of the recipient, original Remembrance Card and other related photographs. Medals mounted on original silk ribbons NEF - £645