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British War Medal; Victory Medal 1914-19 (203196 Pte. Hamps.R.); Territorial Force War Medal 1914-19 (1455 Pte. Hamps.R.) : (HOWARD TAYLOR - Recorded on the Roll for the Territorial Force War Medal as serving with 1/7th.Battalion, Hampshire Regiment, which landed in India from 9 November 1914 and remained there until 9 January 1918, when it left for service in Aden : However a list of "Sick and Wounded" men prepared at the Record Office, Exeter, shows the recipient, as a Lance-Corporal serving with 1/4th.Battalion, Hampshire Regiment and suffering from 'Appendicitis' : All the men recorded on this list are from Battalions serving in Mesopotamia : The 1/4th. Battalion had landed in India in January 1915 and was subsequently posted for service in Mesopotamia, it arrived at Basra on 18 March 1915 : It would seem apparent that whilst in India, the recipient was transferred from 1/7th. to 1/4th. and had left with the latter Battalion when it moved to Mesopotamia in March 1915 : He is not recorded as having been taken prisoner at Kut al Amara when the garrison there surrendered on 29 April 1916 and it is therefore most likely that he would have been with the Companies that subsequently served in Persia and South Russia from January to August 1918 : He was disembodied on 10 June 1919.) : Sold with verification and full lengths of unused original silk ribbon. NEF - £375