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1914 Star (PO.16256 Pte., RM. Brigade); British War Medal; Victory Medal 1914-19 (PO.16256 Pte. RMLI.); Naval Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, GVR. Admiral's bust, fixed suspender (PO. 16256 Mne., RM.) : (FREDERICK WILLIAM LACEY MORGAN - Born on 12 September 1894 at Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire, an errand boy when he enlisted into the Royal Marine Light Infantry at Gosport on 19 February 1912 : In July 1913 he joined HMS. 'Hermione' which soon afterwards became involved in the Mexican Revolution and did not return to Portsmouth until July 1914 : With the outbreak of war a Royal Marine Brigade was formed and the recipient then with the Portsmouth Battalion was sent to Ostend, Belgium with orders to hold the port as a potential bridgehead for landing further troops : However after only a few days it became apparent that Ostend could not be held from the advancing German army and the Brigade was withdrawn and returned to England on 31 August 1914 : The recipient was posted to HMS. 'Victory' on 13 January 1915; returned to Portsmouth Division RM. on 8 February 1915, before joining HMS. 'Tipperary' from 2 June 1915 where he remained until 1 November when he left the ship for HMS 'Vivid' General Depot : He was returned to HMS. 'Tipperary' on 15 February 1916 and was still serving in the ship at 23.00hrs. on 30 May 1916, when it sailed leading the 4th. Destroyer Flotilla, with the Grand Fleet, as it left Scapa Flow to intercept the German High Seas Fleet : At Jutland the following day during the ensuing battle, 'Tipperary' encountered a line of ships and flashed the recognition signal : Immediately 'Tipperary' was lit up by the searchlights of three German Battleships and three Light Cruisers and was hit by a number of salvos fired from SMS 'Westfalen' and SMS. 'Nassau' : HMS. 'Tipperary' suffered many casualties and was so badly damaged and on fire that at about 02.00 hrs. on 1 June 1916, the ship was abandoned and sank : Some 150 men from the total complement of 197 were killed in the action : The recipient survived and returned to Portsmouth Division from 11 June 1916, he joined HMS. 'Implacable' from 5 October 1916 and HMS. 'Blenheim' on 10 July 1917 : On 18 July 1919 he was posted to the newly formed 6th. Royal Marine Battalion initially raised for supervising plebiscites in Schleswig-Holstein but subsequently diverted to Northern Russia to take part in operations against the Bolsheviks : The Battalion landed at Murmansk but following a number of unfortunate incidents resulting in what was described as a complete breakdown of discipline, the Battalion was withdrawn and returned to England on 14 October 1919 : The recipient continued to serve and was awarded the Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal with gratuity in October 1927, having then completed twenty-one years service : He was discharged on 11 September 1933 and was again mobilized on 1 September 1939 following which he served at home with the Portsmouth Division : He was released from service in August 1945 and died at Southsea on 15 October 1958.) : Sold with verification; copy Service Record and related research : Medals mounted on brooch-bar as worn from fragile original ribbons Generally GVF - £795