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British War Medal; Victory Medal 1914-19 (188716 AB., RN.) : (LEONARD ERNEST PETWORTH - Born 1 January 1880 at Portsea, Hampshire, a plumber's boy on the day he joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd.Class in HMS. 'St.Vincent', 4 May 1896 : Advanced to Boy 1st.Class from 4 February 1897 and through the rates to Able Seaman from July 1900 whilst serving at HMS. 'Vernon' : Served at sea and at numerous shore establishments prior to joing HMS. 'Proserpine' on 15 September 1906, in which ship he took part in the operations to Somaliland in 1908 : Continued to serve in various ships through to January 1914 when he joined the Acasta-class Destroyer HMS. 'Shark' : He was still serving in 'Shark' when the ship went into action at the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916 : At Jutland HMS.'Shark' was one of four destroyers from the 4th.Flotilla assigned to cover the 3rd. Battlecruiser Squadron, and at around 18.00hrs. led an unsuccessful torpedo attack by the four destroyers on the German 2nd. Scouting Group : 'Shark' fired two torpedos but was hit by heavy enemy gun-fire : The other three destroyers escaped with little damage but 'Shark' was crippled, having it's fuel pipes and steering gear wrecked : The forecastle gun was completely blown away with most of the gun-crew killed, shortly before the captain, Commander LOFTUS JONES, declined an offer of assistance from the destroyer 'Acasta' as this would have put 'Acasta' in considerable danger : Soon afterwards the aft 4-inch gun was also destroyed and the bridge wrecked. Commander JONES and three seamen continued working the midship gun, engaging nearby enemy destroyers and leading to the sinking of the enemy destroyer V48 : The German ships closed on 'Shark' and returned a heavy fire, during which Commander JONES lost a leg, despite which he continued to give encouragement to the men working the gun : Shortly before 19.00hrs. he was forced to order the ship to be abandoned but as all the lifeboats had be destroyed by shell-fire, around twenty survivors of the crew managed to get away on rafts : Only seven men were picked up by a Danish ship some six hours later and one man died soon after, leaving just six survivors from the total complement of ninety-two Officers and men : Commander JONES was placed onto a raft but shortly afterwards died from blood loss and exhaustion, his body later washed ashore on the Swedish coast and he was buried by local people : He was subsequently awarded the VICTORIA CROSS for his actions at Jutland : The recipient was amongst those killed in this action, he was the son of George and Henrietta Petworth and the husband of Lucy Hannah Petworth, of Portsmouth : He has no known grave and is commemorated on Portsmouth Naval Memorial, he was thirty-five years of age at the date of his death.) : Sold with verification, copy Service Papers, copy CWGC. information and related research : Also entitled to the Africa General Service Medal for 'Somaliland 1908-10' and the 1914-15 Star : An extremely rare pair of medals to a casualty serving in one of the smallest ships engaged at the Battle of Jutland, with a complement of less than one hundred men medals to this ship rarely come onto the market. : Edge nick to reverse rim below initials on the British War Medal, not affecting naming, otherwise GVF - £645