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Egypt Campaign Medal 1882-89, dated reverse, correct style of engraved naming, bar, 'Tel-El-Kebir' (1948 Pte. J.LINDSAY, 4th. Dn.Gds.(Dragoon Guards)); Khedive's Bronze Star dated '1882', privately engraved in central reverse field in capital letters 'Private J. LINDSEY' and on reverse of points 'R.I.D.G. 1948' (note difference in spelling of surname) : (Private J.LINDSAY - Served with the 4th.(Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards in the Egyptian Campaign of 1882 and would have been present at the first action at Kassassin on 28 August 1882, where the Household Cavalry Brigade made a series of brilliant 'moonlight charges' across the open desert. The part played by the 4th. and 7th.Dragoon Guards on this occasion was described in "The Cumberland & Westmorland Herald" newspaper of Saturday, 2 September 1882 - "Attack on the British at Gassassin - Cavalry Charge by moonlight - Sabring the enemy- Complete defeat of the enemy with heavy loss : Port Said. Tuesday. Early yesterday afternoon the Engineers repairing the railway beyond Mahsameh were compelled to abandon the work, Egyptians being seen advancing in force. Towards nightfall General Graham's brigade prepared to receive the enemy, and the cavalry brigade was called up. The enemy, who was estimated at 12,000 with a powerful artillery force, attacked our advanced position with vigour. The attack was well sustained, but the enemy's forces enabled him to outflank our position, which was seriously menaced. At this critical moment the 4th and 7th DRAGOON GUARDS were thrown round the enemy's left and attacked him in the rear, while the Household troops, executing a series of brilliant charges, the last of which carried them through the enemy's guns, the rout became complete, our cavalry pursuing the Egyptians till late into the night by moonlight beyond Gassassin" (Kassassin) : The recipient is confirmed as being present later at the Battle of Tel-El-Kebir' on 13 September 1882 : He was discharged to Army Reserve from 17 December 1887. His surname is spelt both as LINDSAY and LINDSEY in various Rolls but his Regimental Number is constant as 1948. Only some 335 medals to the Regiment for Tel-El-Kebir.) Sold with verification and related research : Very little of the usual contact marking, mounted on original ribbons - Generally Scarce GVF - £495