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Queen's South Africa Medal, bars, 'Cape Colony', 'Transvaal', 'Wittebergen', officially engraved naming in the correct style for the Guards Regiments (2290 Pte., S. Gds); King's South Africa Medal, bars, 'South Africa 1901', 'South Africa 1902', officially impressed naming (2290 Pte., Scots Guards) : (WILLIAM ELIJAH HOLLOWAY - Born Marylebone, London in September 1878, a labourer by trade at the date of attestation for the Scots Guards, 11 August 1898 : Served at home until 15 March 1900 when the 2nd.Battalion left for South Africa : He would almost certainly have been present with the Battalion at the actions of Biddulphsburg on 29 May 1900 and Slapkranz on 28 July 1900, where at the latter, the Scots Guards took the Boer position 'at the point of the bayonet' : The recipient was severely wounded in action near Fouriesburg on 5 May 1901 and remained in South Africa until 5 August 1902 when he was returned home and transferred to 3rd. Battalion : He was placed on Army Reserve from 1 September 1902 and discharged on termination of his first period of engagement on 10 August 1910.) : Sold with verification; copy Service Papers; copy Casualty Roll : One tiny edge nick to first medal otherwise NEF - £425