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1914-15 Star (307034 L.Sto. RN.); British War Medal; Victory Medal 1914-19 (307034 SPO. RN.); Royal Fleet Reserve Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, GVR., Admiral's bust (307034 PO.B.9611 SPO. RFR.) : (WILLIAM WALTER PAXFORD - Born 17 January 1886 at Ascot, Berkshire, a gardener by trade at the date of joining the Royal Navy as a Stoker Class 2 on 23 July 1904 : He served in numerous ships and was advanced through the Stoker Rates to be Leading Stoker at the date he joined the Battleship, HMS. 'Zealandia' on 10 October 1913 and would have been present in the ship when it rammed a German Submarine in September 1914 : In 1915 'Zealandia' was detached from the Third Battle Squadron to assist in the Dardanelles Campaign, following which it was paid off in September 1917 : The recipient subsequently served in the Destroyer, HMS. 'Onslaught' from 28 December 1917 until he was Shore Demobilized on 28 February 1919 : He enrolled in the Royal Fleet Reserve on 1 March 1919 (PO.B.9611) and was discharged on 6 June 1921 : Royal Fleet Reserve Long Service & Good Conduct Medal awarded 26 April 1923.) : Sold with verification and copy Service Record GVF - £165