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British War Medal; Victory Medal 1914-19 (32370 Pte. Hamps.R.) : (THOMAS DENNEY - Served only with 12th.(Service) Battalion, Hampshire Regiment and entered the war in Salonika, where the Battalion formed part of the 26th.Division : On 23 April 1917 the 12th.Hampshire, was situated on the Rockley and Silbury Hills from where the Division was to attack the enemy positions east of the Petit Couronne and Wylye Ravine in what was to become known as the Battle of Doiran : At 8.15pm the following day the Battalion had started to move forward to the assembly position when it was caught in an enemy barrage some half an hour before zero hour for the attack to commence : The enemy artillery inflicted heavy casualties particularly in the narrow ravine and although some men of the right company did manage to reach their objective they were then subjected to a further barrage being brought to bear on them, whilst being enfiladed from their right : The handful of men that made it to the objective were either killed or taken prisoner and the remnants of the Battalion were forced to retire back to the rallying point : The 12th Hampshire lost fifteen officers and two hundred and forty-nine men. The next day the Battalion was in camp at Piton Rocheux and although later reinforced by drafts taken from an entrenching battalion was declared unfit for further activity and taken out of the line. The Battalion later took part in the Second Battle of Doiran 18-19 September 1918 and the final persuit to the Strumica Valley between 22 and 28 September 1918.) : Sold with verification and related research : Mounted on original silk ribbons NEF - £60