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Naval General Service Medal 1909-62, bar, 'Persian Gulf 1909-1914' (346765 Lg.Car.Cr. HMS. Fox); 1914-15 Star (346765 L.Car.Cr., RN.); British War Medal; Victory Medal 1914-19 (346765 Jr.1 RN.); Naval Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, GVR., Admiral's bust, swivel suspender (346765 Joiner 1Cl. HMS. Valiant) : (ERNEST SPRY - Born 20 October 1883 at Bude, Cornwall, a carpenter by trade on the date he joined the Royal Navy, 27 June 1904 : Posted to HMS. 'Vivid II' as Carpenters Crew and subsequently transferred to HMS. 'Indus' from 26 October 1904 : Joined HMS. 'Blake' on 29 May 1905 and HMS. 'Duke of Edinburgh' on 20 January 1906 : Served at sea in a number of ships and ashore before joining HMS. 'Fox' on 27 February 1912 in which ship he served in the Gulf area, in the operations for the suppression of the arms traffic in the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf : Advanced to Leading Carpenters Crew from 30 June 1913 and posted to HMS. 'Sirius' from 7 March 1914 : Posted to HMS. 'Defiance' from 30 May 1914, but with the outbreak of World War One he joined the Diadem 1st.Class Protected Cruiser, HMS. 'Amphitrite' on 2 August 1914 in which he remained until 22 June 1915 : Posted to the battleship HMS. 'Valiant' on 13 January 1916 he was still serving in the ship when it went into action with the 5th.Battle Squadron, at the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916 : Advanced to Joiner from 1 September 1917 and Joiner 1st.Class from 1 October 1918 : He was awarded the Naval Long Service & Good Conduct Medal on 10 November 1919, and continued to serve until 26 June 1926 on which date he was "Shore Pensioned" from HMS. 'Vivid II'.) : Sold with verification and copy Service Record : A scarce Rate : Generally GVF - £450