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Queen's South Africa Medal, bars, 'Cape Colony', 'Johannesburg', 'Diamond Hill', 'Wittebergen', officially engraved naming in the correct style for this cavalry regiment - 3863 TRUMPR. E. HALL, 17/LCRS. ; King's South Africa Medal, bars, 'South Africa 1901', 'South Africa 1902', officially impressed naming - 3863 TPTR. E. HALL, 17TH. LANCERS : (On 17 September 1901, 'C' Squadron of the 17th. Lancers under the command of Major V.S. Sandeman, a cousin of Wnston Churchill, was guarding a pass near Tarkastad, Cape Colony when attacked by a Boer Commando led by General Jan Smuts : In the action that followed of the one hundred and thirty Lancers, twenty-nine, including four Officers were killed, with a further forty-one men including Sandeman being wounded, infact the whole Squadron would almost certainly have been annihilated, but the engagement ceased when a patrol from another Squadron of 17th.Lancers was observed to be approaching : It was later discovered that the Lancers had mistaken the Boers, for men from Gorringe's Flying Column because they were seen to be wearing captured British khaki coloured uniforms : This incident, which subsequently became known as the Battle of Modderfontein, resulted in an order from the then Colonel Kitchener, that in future all Boer fighters captured wearing British uniform were to be executed.) : Sold with verification : A scarce Rank : With the contact marks commonly found to medals awarded to cavalry recipients : VF - £395