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Queen's South Africa Medal, bars, 'Cape Colony', 'Paardeberg', 'Johannesburg' (4287 L.Cpl. 2nd. Hampshire Regt.); King's South Africa Medal, bars, 'South Africa 1901', 'South Africa 1902' (Corpl. Hampshire Regt.) : (GEORGE CHARLES EDNEY - Born around 1875 at Fareham, Hampshire, a labourer and serving member of the 3rd.(Militia) Battalion, Hampshire Regiment, when he attested for the Regular Army at Winchester on 17 October 1893 : Posted to the 2nd.Battalion from the Hampshire Regiment Depot on 9 January 1894 : Appointed Lance-Corporal from 26 September 1898 and posted for service in South Africa from 4 January 1900 : Promoted Corporal from 30 April 1901 and returned home to England on 29 September 1902 : Appointed Lance-Sergeant from 11 November 1902 and served at Malta from 9 September 1903 and was promoted to Sergeant from 9 January 1904 : Served at Bermuda from 2 December 1905 until 15 September 1907 when he was again posted for service in South Africa : Promoted to Colour-Sergeant on 22 March 1909 and returned home on 21 March 1910 until 12 October 1910 when he was yet again posted to South Africa : Finally returned home on 21 January 1912 : Transferred to the 3rd.(Special Reserve) Battalion, presumably as an Instructor, from where he was discharged at his own request on 3 June 1912, then having completed in excess of 18 years service with the colours : On leaving the Army he resided at 57 Paxton Road, Fareham, Hampshire and took employment as a Domestic Gardener : He died on 31 July 1944 in the Bedworth District, of Warwickshire at the age of 69 years.) : Sold with verification, full set of copy Service Papers, including copy Death Certificate : Medals mounted on a bar from original ribbons as worn : Light contact marks but generally better than VF - £325