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Egypt Campaign Medal 1882-89, dated reverse, no bar (A.TUTTE, AB. HMS. 'Coquette'); Khedive's Bronze Star dated '1882', unnamed as issued : (ALBERT SAMUEL TUTTE - Born 29 April 1863 at Portmagee, County Kerry, Ireland, entered the Royal Navy in HMS. 'Impregnable', as a Boy 2nd.Class, from 2 November 1878 : Advanced to Boy 1st.Class from 26 November 1879 and joined the crew of the Ariel Class Gunboat, HMS. 'Coquette' from 25 August 1880 : Advanced through the Rates to AB. from 19 October 1881 and was still present in the ship when it took part in the Egypt Campaign of 1882 : HMS. 'Coquette' was armed with two 6inch, 64 pounder muzzle loading rifles, and two 4inch 20 pounder Armstrong breech loaders and originally carried a complement of forty men which was later increased to sixty men : During the Egyptian Campaign, HMS. 'Coquette' was under the command of Lieutenant and Commander Lennox NAPIER, who was Mentioned in Despatches, "At forcible anchoring, Ismallia, 27 July 1882. At occupation of Ismallia, 19-21 August 1882. Governor's Guard laid down their arms to him. Occupied Khedive's Palace and secured admirable position. Captain Fitzroy thanks." (London Gazette dated 8 September 1882 and C-in-C Mediterranean letter dated 7 August 1882.) : Napier's no bar Egypt Medal was sold as part of 'The Douglas-Morris Collection' at DNW on 16 October 1996 : The recipient left the ship in January 1883 and subsequently served in a number of other ships and at shore bases : He was 'Discharged to Shore' from HMS. ' Excellent' on 29 April 1891.) : Being such a small ship, medals to HMS. 'Coquette' are naturally very scarce to the market : "British Battles & Medals" suggests that as few as seven no bar medals were awarded to members of the crew : Sold with verification; copy Service Record and related research. Some pitting to the Medal and blunting to one point of the Star from normal contact, generally GF - NVF Extremely Scarce - Reserved