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Baltic Medal 1854-55, unnamed as issued; Crimea Medal 1854-56, bar, 'Sebastopol' loose on ribbon, privately engraved naming in bold upright serif capital letters - A.ELLIS, H.M.S.GLADIATOR; Abyssinia War Medal 1867-68, correctly named on reverse in embossed capital letters - A.ELLIS GUNR. H.M.S. NYMPHE, trace of solder residue at claw from usual repair; Turkish Crimea Medal 1855, Sardinian issue, double ring suspension, unnamed as issued : (ALEXANDER ELLIS - Born 4 October 1838 at Fareham, Hampshire, joined the Royal Navy as a Boy Class 2 in HMS. 'Excellent', (The Gunnery Training School at Whale Island, Portsmouth), on 8 October 1853 : On 13 April 1854 he was posted to the Second Class wooden paddle cruiser, HMS. 'Gladiator' and was advanced to Boy Class 1 from 25 January 1855 : Advanced to Ordinary Seaman Class 2 from 12 November 1855; Ordinary Seaman from 11 April 1857 returning to 'Excellent' from 23 May 1857 until 27 July 1858 when he joined the crew of HMS. 'Victor Emanuel' : Advanced to AB. on 15 September 1858 and Leading Seaman from 1 February 1860 : Advanced to Captain After-Guard from 1 May 1861 and again returned to 'Excellent' on 7 May 1862 : Advanced to to Gunner's Mate from 28 December 1863 and posted to HMS. 'Lyra' : Promoted to Warrant Officer on 1 July 1865 - Gunner 3rd Class : To Gunner 2nd Class from 15 May 1870 until 31 December 1872 : Posted to HMS. 'Thalia' from 1 January 1873 promoted to Gunner 1st Class : Transferred to the Royal Navy Gunnery School, at Plymouth, HMS. 'Cambridge', on 11 August 1876 and returned to 'Excellent' one week later where he remained until 31 March 1882 : Posted to the Royal Yacht 'Victoria & Albert' on 1 April 1882 and served until 23 November 1889 : As a serving member of the crew of the Royal Yacht it is likely that Ellis would have received the Jubilee Medal 1887 for being present aboard at the Spithead Fleet Review on 23 July 1887 : Final posting was back to 'Excellent' on 24 November 1889 from where he was discharged on 31 December 1889 having then completed in excess of 33 years service : HMS. 'Gladiator' a wooden hulled Paddle Cruiser of 1960 tons launched in 1844, served in the Mediterranean and Black Sea during the Russian War of 1854-1855 : The Amazon Class Sloop, HMS. 'Nymphe' was part of the East African anti-slavery squadron and boarded a large number of dhows, capturing and destroying those involved in the slave trade : It also entered harbours in order to attack, board and burn any dhows suspected of being employed in slaving.) : Sold with verification and copy Service Record : Generally VF - GVF £1350