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Egypt Campaign Medal 1882-89, undated reverse, bar, 'El-Teb_Tamaai', correct style of engraved naming (Lieut: W. BREDIN, 1/York & Lanc : R.) : Khedive's Bronze Star dated '1884', with privately impressed naming to reverse - (Lieutenant W.E.N.BREDIN, 1st.Y.& L.R.) : (WILLIAM EDGAR NOBLE BREDIN - Born 15 October 1857, in Ireland, the son of William Bredin and Eliza Selina Bredin (Nee Hutchinson) of County Tipperary, Ireland : Commissioned Second-Lieutenant 65th.Foot from Militia - 5 September 1877 : Lieutenant York & Lancaster Regiment 14 September 1878 : Captain - 21 October 1885 : Died aged just 30 years of "valvular disease of the heart", at The Hall, Bawtry, Doncaster Yorkshire on 2 July 1888, whilst still a serving Officer : Served in the expedition to the Soudan under Sir Gerald Graham in 1884 and was present in the engagements at El-Teb and Tamaai (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star.) : At Tamaai on 13 March 1884 the 1st. Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment formed part of the 2nd. Brigade of General Graham's army : The Brigade whilst advancing in a square was suddenly attacked by the forces of Osman Digna : The rush of the attack was so great that the square was broken : On the right front face of the square, some thirty or forty men of the York and Lancaster Regiment made a desperate and determined stand before being forced to give way, loosing sixteen men in the process : At length order was restored and the square reformed : By the end of the day the Regiment had suffered one Officer and thirty-one men killed with two Officers and twenty-two men wounded : British casualties for the day totalled two hundred and seventeen Officers and men killed or wounded.) : Sold with verification; copy Army List entries; copy Death Certificate and related research : Very little of the contact pitting usually associated with the Egypt Medal GVF/NEF - £795