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1914 Star with genuine '5th.Aug-22nd.Nov 1914' clasp on ribbon (F.453 AM. 1GR. RNAS.); British War Medal; Victory Medal 1914-19 (F.453 LM. RNAS.) : (RUPERT FOULKES - Born at Brighton, Sussex on 14 June 1886, the son of Thomas Frederick Foulkes an artist and beach photographer and his wife, Alicia Ann : He followed his father's occupation and became a 'Photographic Artist', which is the profession he gave when he attested for the Royal Naval Air Service at HMS.'Pembroke III' on 16 September 1914 : He was given the Rating of 'Driver' but his Service Record denotes ''Air Mechanic 1st.Grade' : He served with No.3 Squadron Armoured Cars, this Squadron was formed at St Pol on 1 September 1914 under the command of Commander Samson and served at Ostend and Dunkirk from September 1914 to February 1915 : On return to England the recipient served at establishments where experimental work on Armoured Cars was undertaken, these being White City - 1 April 1915 - 29 November 1916, under the command of Commander Samson and Dollis Hill - 1 April 1918 - 6 February 1919, a Testing Ground for the vehicles : He was advanced to Leading Mechanic from 1 August 1917 : He was demobilised on 7 February 1919 and died at Chelsea, London in 1941 : His Service Record is endorsed "For Service In Land Operations".) Only 435 1914 Stars, and 195 'Aug-Nov' clasps were awarded to the Royal Naval Air Service : Sold with verification, copy Service Record and related research : Medals mounted on frail original silk ribbons from brooch-bar as worn : Rare & NEF £1095