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1914-15 Star; British War Medal; Victory Medal 1914-19 (3102 Pte., R. Fus.) : (FRANK HASEMAN - Born 14 September 1888 at Ashtead, Surrey, a gardener by trade on the date of attestation for the Royal Fusiliers, 15 February 1915 : Entered the war in France with 24th.(Service) (2nd.Sportsman's) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers on 16 November 1915 : Transferred to Military Foot Police 1916 : Returned to England on 9 November 1917 : Posted for duty with Military Foot Police, Irish Command from 6 August 1918 and would therefore have been in Ireland during the aftermath of the Easter Rising of 1916, and the troubles following the announcement of the proposed conscription for Irish citizens and the lead-up to the Irish Civil War : Transferred to Army Reserve from 3 March 1919 : The 24th.(2nd.Sportsmans) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers was raised in London on 20 November 1914 by Mrs. Emma Cunliffe-Owen and landed at Boulogne in November 1915 : Offered with these medals is a small silver pin-backed token in the form of a brooch, manufactured by Mapin & Webb with Hallmarks for Birmingham 1914, the obverse bearing the Regimental badge of Sportsman's Battalion, Royal Fusiliers and the crest of the Cunliffe-Owen family, and inscribed with the number 321 : On the reverse it bears the inscription "from E.Cunliffe-Owen Oct .1914 'God guard you' ".) : Sold with verification; copy Service Papers; cap badges for both Royal Fusiliers and Military Police; white metal sporting medallion inscribed, 'Winners Ashtead Tug of War Challenge Cup 1922"; copies taken from the 1939 Register : Mounted on original silk ribbons. **************************************************** Defence Medal; War Medal 1939-45 (unnamed as issued), contained in official Air Ministry card box of issue addressed to C.A.Haseman, Esq.,11 The Common, Ashtead, Surrey : Together with boxed white metal RAF. football medallion inscribed on the reverse, "RAF Gatow League Runners Up 1945-46" and another white metal and enamel sporting medallion inscribed "Sutton & Cheam Hospital Cup" : (CHARLES A. HASEMAN - Born 3 August 1921 the son of Frank and Elizabeth Haseman of 11 Ashtead Common, Ashtead, Surrey: Served in the Royal Air Force during World War Two and subsequently at RAF Gatow which was a Royal Air Force base situated in the borough of Spandau, South East Berlin, Germany : The only base in Europe which operated flying boats and during the Cold War period was used mainly for flying photographic reconnaissance missions over East Germany : It was also used extensively by both British and American forces throughout the Berlin Airlift 1948-49.) : Sold with verification; official Air Council transmittal document and copy entry taken from the 1939 Register: Medals mounted on lengths of original ribbon and contained in wax paper packets: To be sold as a family lot : All medals NEF-EF - £295