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1914-15 Star; British War Medal; Victory Medal 1914-19; Memorial Plaque. (JOHN WILLIAM THOMAS WEAVER - Born 7 February 1896 at Camberwell, London, a Farm Labourer on the date he entered the Royal Navy as an Ordinary Seaman at HMS.'Pembroke', 8 April 1915 : Joined the crew of the newly commissioned Monitor, HMS. 'Raglan' from 3 June 1915 and sailed for the Dardanelles where it was to remain based at Imbros in the Eastern Mediterranean : 'Raglan' arrived in the Dardanelles on 22 July and went straight into action, supporting the landings at Suvla Bay on 6-7 August 1915 : It was also engaged in the bombardment of Smyrna and the west coast of Turkey in February and March 1916, before being sent to the Salonika front to bombard Bulgaria : After a refit at Malta the ship was stationed throughout 1916-1917 off Imbros watching for the German warships 'Goeben' and 'Breslau' : In the early morning of 20 January 1918 the battlecruiser 'Goeben' and consort cruiser 'Breslau' sneaked out of the straights, 'Goeben' hit a mine but was not seriously damaged and the two ships proceded on their heading towards Imbros intent on destroying whatever ships were anchored there: However the pre-dreadnaught battleships, HMS. 'Agamemnon' and HMS.'Nelson' were both elsewhere and it was 'Raglan' which sighted the German ships and signalled 'GOBLO' by wireless, the code that the break-out of the two ships had occurred : 'Raglan' exchanged fire with 'Breslau' but was far too slow and unable to manoeuvre, and as such was like a 'sitting duck' and was hit numerous times by shells from both German ships, one round detonating the 12-pounder magazine which sank the ship bow first in 40 feet of water : Of the total complement 220 men, 127 were killed and only 93 survived : The recipient was among those killed in this action, he has no known grave and is commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial.) : Sold with verification, copy Service Record and related research : A very scarce casualty group for the Battle of Imbros : Medals mounted on original silk ribbons, Plaque contained in original card envelope EF - £595