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Egypt Campaign Medal 1882-89, undated reverse, no bar, officially impressed naming - J.C. Fielding Writer 3.Cl. HMS. 'Dryad'; Naval Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, Victoria, narrow suspender, officially impressed naming - J.C. Fielding, Chf.Writer, HMS. 'Impregnable'; Khedive's Bronze Star '1884-6', unnamed as issued : (JOHN CHARLES FIELDING - Born at Anthony, Cornwall on 20 December 1861, joined the Royal Navy on 7 June 1878 as a Boy Writer in HMS. 'Duke of Wellington' : Moved to HMS. 'Royal Adelaide' from 23 July 1878 and was advanced to Writer 3.Cl. on 20 December 1879 : Moved to HMS. 'Valiant' from 5 May 1880 and then back to HMS. 'Royal Adelaide' on 1 November 1883 : Moved to HMS. 'Dryad' on 18 December 1883, and was present in the ship whilst it was was engaged in the Egypt Campaign : Continued to serve both at sea in various ships and ashore and on 23 October 1888 joined HMS. 'Impregnable' and from 1 July 1889 was advanced to Writer 2.Cl. : Advanced to Chief Writer from 17 December 1889 whilst still serving in HMS. 'Impregnable' : Awarded Long Service & Good Conduct Medal on 31 December 1889 : From 8 January 1892 he was at HMS. 'Vivid I' and subsequently served in HMS. 'Lilley'; 'Tamar'; 'Duke of Wellington' ; 'Hercules' and 'Firequeen' before being Discharged to Pension on 31 January 1908 at HMS. 'Victory'. Approximately 99 Egypt medals awarded to HMS. 'Dryad'.) : Sold with verification, copy Service Record and other related research : Virtually free from the contact marks usually found on Egypt medals GVF - £575