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Queen's South Africa Medal, no bar, correct style of engraved naming - Lieut. J.C.S. HUGHES, RN. HMS. Pelorus; Africa General Service Medal 1902, EVIIR., bar, 'Somaliland 1902-04', officially impressed naming in correct style - Lieut.J.C.S. HUGHES, RN. HMS. Redbreast : (JAMES CECIL SKINNER HUGHES - Born 21 June 1876 at Richmond, Surrey, passed-out of HMS. 'Britannia' as a Naval Cadet in July 1892 and was Commissioned Midshipman : His first appointment was in the armoured cruiser, HMS. 'Immortalite' from 6 October 1892, moving to HMS. 'Hood' from 1 June 1893 : Served in a number of ships before joining HMS. 'Astraea' on 6 September 1897, in which ship he was promoted to Lieutenant from 31 December 1898 : Joined HMS. 'Cossack', to command TB.104 from 20 January 1903 : But was subsequently censured and removed from command of the ship for failing to settle betting debts in Bombay : Joined HMS. 'Redbreast' from 12 May 1903 followed by, 'Mars' and 'Sutlej' before being placed in command of HMS. 'Virago' from 6 December 1905 : He was appointed to the command of HMS. 'Fame' from 20 March 1906 but on 1 November of that year, was superseded for 'absenting himself from the ship after hoisting typhoon signal and for generally showing want of appreciation of his responsibilities' : He was moved to HMS. 'Diadem' and in December 1906 was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander : In June 1907 he left 'Diadem' and went on half-pay at his own request : However later that month he joined HMS. 'Charybdis' but following an unfortunate incident involving a 'bad cheque', which would have resulted in a Court Martial, he opted to be placed on the Retired List from 31 August 1907 : In 1912 he requested re-instatement to the Active List but this was refused : He did however serve during the First World War, reporting to HMS. 'Crescent' for 'War Service' on 1 August 1914, but was sent home sick three days later, reportedly 'permanently unfit for service owing to a deformed right foot' : In November 1914 he was considered for a post training newly-entered Air Service Mechanics but this was cancelled and on 18 November he was appointed to HMS. 'Ariadne' and then to HMS. 'Diadem' on 31 December 1914 : He lasted one year in 'Diadem' but resigned his Commission on 14 December 1915, again to avoid a Court Martial on this occasion for 'disgraceful behaviour in Diadem on 8 November 1915', almost certainly related to this is a notation that he received the severe displeasure of the Commander-in-Chief, Portland for 'using most improper language to a police officer' : However the London Gazette dated 10 April 1918 records that from 1 April 1918, James Cecil Skinner Hughes is to be granted a commission as a 2nd. Lieutenant in the Royal Garrison Artillery (Special Reserve of Officers) : A Medal Information Card in his name records his final service as Captain Army Service Corps : He was not entitled to receive any medals for World War One : He died on 21 October 1943.) : Sold with verification; copy Service Record; copy London Gazette entries and related research : Slight edge bruise to second medal, not affecting naming : Toned GVF - £695