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British War Medal, Victory Medal 1914-19 (Lieut. J.M.C. Johnstone, RNR.) : (JAMES MONTAGUE CHOLMELEY JOHNSTONE - Born 10 January 1889 at Nottingham, enrolled as a Midshipman (Probationer) in the Royal Naval Reserve from 5 April 1907 : Appointed Acting Sub-Lieutenant from 18 October 1911 and whilst serving at HMS.'Vivid' completed Gunnery and Torpedo Courses : Subsequently served at HMS.'Defence'; 'Juno'; 'Yarmouth' and then to 'Dartmouth' from 10 March 1913 as Sub-Lieutenant : Attached to Royal Australian Navy he served in the newly commissioned light cruiser, HMAS. 'Sydney' from 24 May 1913 : He was still serving in HMAS. 'Sydney' when it encountered and destroyed the German Light Cruiser Raider SMS. 'Emden' at the Battle of the Cocos Islands on 9 November 1914 : The first indication of Emden's location was given when the German ship opened fire on 'Sydney' at a range of six nautical miles : The Australian warship was able to fire for effect after two salvos, destroying Emden's three funnels, foremast, wireless and steering gear, and setting the engine room on fire : The German ship was then beached on North Keeling Island and 'Sydney' went after the supporting collier, 'Buresk' but as the crew had already started to scuttle it, 'Sydney' returned to where 'Emden' was beached only to discover that the German ship was still flying the War Ensign, which was only hauled down after 'Sydney' transmitted an instruction to surrender and fired two salvos when no response was forthcoming : During the engagement 'Sydney' had expended some 670 rounds of ammunition and claimed over one hundred hits upon the enemy ship : In turn 'Sydney' had been hit at least sixteen times, three crew members had been killed and thirteen wounded : 'Emden' had lost one hundred and thirty four men killed, with the remainder of the crew taken prisoner : The recipient continued to serve in 'Sydney' until 4 October 1916 when he was transferred to HMS. 'Excellent', where he remained until 27 December of that year : Promoted to Lieutenant from 27 December 1916 and transferred to 'Chatham' : Posted to HMS. 'Wallington' from 25 August 1917 : Posted to 'Excellent' for Disposal from 8 February 1918 and to 'Furious' on completing on 13 March 1918 : Demobilized on 12 August 1919 : Name removed from RNR. List 7 April 1921.) : Recipient also entitled to the 1914-15 Star and the War Medal 1939-45 for service in World War Two : An extremely rare pair of medals awarded to an Officer serving in HMAS. 'Sydney' during the action with the German Raider 'Emden' : Service Papers confirm the award of the 'Sydney-Emden Medal' - and record, "Medal presented by the People of Western Australia for action with Emden, permitted to accept but not to wear." : Sold with verification, copy Service Papers, copy excerpt taken from "The Medical Officer's Journal", which includes a group photograph of the Officers of HMAS. 'Sydney' shortly after the action with 'Emden' in which the recipient is identified; related research : NEF - £4950