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Crimea Medal 1854-56, bar, 'Sebastopol', officially engraved naming in bold upright capital letters by Hunt & Roskell (Capt. I.L. Bolton, Rl. Arty.); Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-58, no bar, officially impressed naming (Capt.John Lawce. Bolton, 4th.Bn., R.Arty.); Turkish Crimea Medal 1855, British issue, replacement British Crimea Medal suspender, unnamed as issued, : (JOHN LAWRENCE BOLTON - Born 1825 at Baughna, County Westmeath, Ireland, entered the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich as a Gentleman Cadet in August 1842 and was Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Royal Artillery on 18 September 1845 : Promoted First Lieutenant 26 May 1846 and stationed in the Ioian Islands from 1846 to 1849 and Corfu from 1849 to 1851 : Promoted Second Captain from 18 February 1854 and entered the Crimea in September 1854 where he served with No. 2 Company, 14th. Battalion : Invalided from the Crimea in September 1855 : Served in Mauritius commanding No.3 Company, 14th.Battalion between May and July 1857 prior to being sent to India : Served in India with 4th.Battalion and was involved in the Suppression of the Sepoy Mutiny : Commanded the Artillery in the action at Pertabghur on 24 December 1858, where he was wounded in the side : Returned to England with the Battery in 1859, where on 13 February 1860 he married Sophie Maria Scott the daughter of the late Major Scott, 38th. Bengal Infantry : Promoted Major 6 July 1867; Lieutenant-Colonel 30 September 1868; Colonel 30 September 1873 and retired with the Honorary Rank of Major-General on 17 April 1878 : In the 1881 Census Records he is shown as residing with his wife, son and daughter at Brooklands St. Helier, Jersey : He died at The Priory, La Chasse, Jersey on 28 October 1896.) : Sold with verification, copy Officer's Service Papers, copy Army List entries, copy Casualty Roll, copy London Gazette entries, copy photograph of the recipient and other related research : Medals mounted on short lengths of original ribbon : Generally VF and better - £1595