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Queen's South Africa Medal, bars, 'Tugela Heights', 'Relief of Ladysmith', 'Transvaal'; King's South Africa Medal, bars, 'South Africa 1901', 'South Africa 1902', officially impressed naming - (3469 Pte. O.Cowan, S.Lanc.Regt.); 1914 Star with original 'Aug-Nov 1914' Bar (3031 Pte. O. Cowan, 2/S.Lan: R.); British War Medal; Victory Medal 1914-19 (3031 Pte. O. Cowan, S.Lan. R.) : (OSWALD COWAN - Born 14 February 1874 at Liverpool, Lancashire, first attested for the South Lancashire Regiment Militia as a labourer aged 18 years, on 31 March 1891 : Subsequently transferred to the Regular Army and served in South Africa with 1st.Battalion, South Lancashire Regiment : Took part in the operations for the Relief of Ladysmith and may well have been with the Regiment at Spion Kop on 24 January 1900 : He was wounded in action at Pieters Hill on 27 February 1900, where the Regiment was brought forward to assault the main position : At this critical moment Lieutenant-Colonel MacCarthy O'Leary ordered a bayonet charge and with his words, 'Remember men the eyes of Lancashire are watching you today', ringing in their ears the South Lancashires swept over the Boer trenches to gain the day, the Colonel was killed at the moment of victory but the way to Ladysmith lay open and the following day the town was finally relieved : On his return to England Cowan was discharged and subsequently employed as a Police Constable with the Liverpool City Constabulary and was married at St. Chrysostom's Parish Church, Everton, Liverpool on 23 November 1902 : With the outbreak of the First World War the recipient re-enlisted with his former Regiment on 2 September 1914 and entered France from 12 November 1914 with the 2nd.Battalion : On 27 January 1917 he transferred to the Military Foot Police from which he was discharged to 'P' Reserve from 1 May 1918 : In the 1939 Register he is recorded as a Retired Police Constable, residing with his wife at 50 Tweed Street, Liverpool : He died at the age of 75 years at Broadgreen Hospital Liverpool on 1 September 1949 and is buried at Yew Tree Cemetery, Liverpool.) : Sold with a superb copy photograph of the recipient in his Police uniform wearing his medals; verification; copy Service Papers; copy Baptism and Marriage Certificates; copy Census Records; copy Casualty Roll entry;copy Burial Record and other related research : Mounted for display purposes GVF - £625