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1914 Star (SS.105958 Sto. Howe Bttn. RND.); British War Medal; Victory Medal 1914-19 (SS.105958 Sto.1 RN.) : (EDWARD HAROLD SMITH - Born 1 August 1889 at Bolton, Lancashire first joined the Royal Navy as a Stoker Class 2 on 15 October 1907 and served both at sea and ashore being advanced to Stoker Class 1 from 1 October 1908 whilst serving in HMS.'Sapphire' : He was 'Shore Pensioned' from 'Pembroke II' on 26 October 1912 and transferred to the Royal Fleet Reserve at Chatham the following day : With the outbreak of war he was recalled from 2 August 1914 for regular service and on 17 September 1914 whilst at 'Victory IV' was transferred to 'Howe' Battalion, Royal Naval Division : The Battalion served briefly at Ostend and Antwerp in Belgium in 1914 prior to returning to England : In April 1915 the Battalion landed in Gallipoli, where on 4 June 1915 the recipient was SEVERELY WOUNDED IN ACTION by gun-shot to the left thigh : He was subsequently transferred to Malta for treatment, from where on 21 June 1915 he was invalided to England aboard the Hospital Ship 'Soudan' : He was admitted to Chatham Hospital on 30 June 1915 : In August 1915 he was transferred to 2nd.Reserve Battalion and a Hurt Certificate was granted from 11 September 1915 : From 29 January 1916 he was transferred to Chatham Depot for "Sea Service" but in fact as his record indicates he remained at 'Pembroke II' until: he was discharged on 19 March 1919 : His 1914 Star was issued to him on 5 April 1919.) : Sold with verification and copy incomplete Service Record Generally GVF - £425