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Bar, 'Benin 1897', officially impressed naming - T. HICKMAN, Boy 1Cl., HMS. 'St George' : (THOMAS GARNER HICKMAN - Born 14 September 1879 at Erith, Kent : Joined the Royal Navy as 184789 Boy 2Cl. in HMS. 'Boscawen' on 8 July 1895 : Advanced to Boy 1Cl. from 21 April 1896 : Served in 'St. George', from 24 January 1897 to 29 May 1897, during which time he took part in the Expedition to Benin City against Chief Overiami from February through to August of that year : On 30 May 1897, he was transferred to HMS. 'Phoebe', which was also engaged in the Benin Expedition : Advanced to Ordinary Seaman from 14 September 1897 and to AB. from 13 February 1898 : Deserted on at least three occasions and was 'confined to cells' for various periods, ranging from three days to forty-two days on no fewer than eight occasions : Discharged on 17 June 1905, "Services no longer required", on account of his previous indifferent record, despite which his character on discharge was recorded as "Good".) : Sold with verification and copy Service Record : Some 458 medals for 'Benin 1897' awarded to HMS. 'St. George' : With quite severe damage to lower rim over the letters 'H.M.S.' which are still legible, the remainder of the naming is completely untouched and not effected in any way : A scarce Rate : Otherwise generally VF - £275