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Correctly named on reverse in embossed capital letters - W. ROSS, ENGR. H.M.S. NYMPHE (Engineer) : (WILLIAM ROSS - Confirmed in the Navy List as serving from 1863 as an Engineer in the Royal Navy : He was present in HMS. 'Nymphe' during the Abyssinian War between 4 October 1867 to 19 April 1868 : It is recorded that by 1862 all Engineers were Commissioned Officers and that in 1863 there were changes to uniforms with the introduction of distinctive branch colour bands between the rings of gold lace signifying rank, the colour for Engineers being purple : His medal was delivered to him on 22 September 1870 with a total of only 167 medals being awarded to crewmembers of HMS. 'Nymphe'.) : Sold with verification and related research : A possible neat repair to the suspender as is quite commonly found with this medal, nevertherless a scarce example to an Officer recipient GVF - £595