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No bar, correctly engraved naming in upright serif capital letters - 1086 LCE.CORPL. W. WALPOLE, 15TH. HUSSRS. : (The 15th.Hussars (approximately 200 sabres), served in the Afghanistan War 1878-80 as part of the Quetta Field Force under the command of Brigadier-General C.H. Palliser, CB. and on 4 January 1879 during the advance from Quetta to Kandahar, the Regiment was involved in the engagement at Saif-u-Din, during which, in close combat with Afghan cavalry had one Officer and six Other Ranks wounded, all by sword cuts : At the conclusion of the war in Afghanistan the 15th.Hussars was posted for service in South Africa and arrived at Durban aboard HMS. 'Euphrates' and disembarked on 25 January 1881 and immediately progressed to join the Field Force at Newcastle : On 27 February 1881 the Battle of Majuba Hill was fought which resulted in a humiliating defeat for the British forces under the command of Major-General Sir George Pomeroy Colley : Amid great confusion and with casualties among his men rising, Colley attempted to order a fighting retreat from the summit of the hill, but was shot and killed by a Boer marksman : The rest of the British force fled down the rear slopes of Majuba, where more were hit by the Boer marksmen who lined the summit in order to fire at the retreating foe : An abortive rearguard action was staged by the 15th.Hussars and 60th.Rifles, who had marched from a support base at Mount Prospect, but it made little impact on the Boer forces : A total of 285 British soldiers were killed, captured or wounded on Majuba Hill : The recipient remained with the 15th. Hussars and was subsequently promoted to the rank of Serjeant : He was discharged at Aldershot on 9 August 1884 having served in excess of fifteen years : Confirmed on Medal Roll completed at Camp Bennetts Drift, Near Newcastle, South Africa and dated 19 July 1881, wherein his initial is shown as 'J' : He is however the only man named WALPOLE serving with the Regiment, his Rank and Regimental Number are correctly recorded, and the Discharge Certificate correctly shows his initial as 'W'.) : Sold with verification, copy Discharge and related research : A scarce medal to a man who was at Majuba Hill : One slight edge bruise above the 'R' of Corpl. otherwised toned NEF - £395