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No bar, correctly engraved naming - J. CURRALL, Pte. RM. HMS. 'Barracouta' 73-74 : (JOSEPH CURRALL - Born at Hanley, Staffordshire around 1845 and attested for the Royal Marines at Portsmouth in 1864 : Served in the Ashantee Campaign of 1873-74 and was almost certainly a member of Colonel F.V. Festing's Royal Marine Detachment of one hundred and ten Marines which was landed from HMS. 'Barracouta', on 7 June 1873, the first military force to arrive at Elmina, on the Gold Coast : However the Marines of Festing's command suffered greatly from fever and in time almost all of them had to be replaced. The recipient is recorded as being 'put on the sick list on 12 July 1873, with remittent fever' and was discharged to HMS. 'Himalaya' on 22 July 1873 : He was invalided from the Royal Marines and Discharged in 1874 : He died at the age of 53 years in Liverpool on 30 May 1899.) : Sold with verification, copy Census entries and other related research : NEF - £345