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BALTIC MEDAL 1854-55 :

Unnamed as officially issued to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, but attributed to:- ROBERT P. CODD, Gunner, Royal Navy : (ROBERT PALMER CODD - Born Devonport, Devon, on 20 November 1834, joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Class around 1851 and served in HMS. 'St.Jean D'Acre' during the Baltic Campaign of 1854-55, and would have been advanced to Ordinary Seaman around that time, medal sent to him on 26 February 1857, when he was serving in the Royal Navy Gunnery Training Ship, HMS. 'Cambridge' : On 12 July 1857 at St Mary's Church, Stoke Damerel, Devonport, he married Elizabeth Warner : Advanced through the rates to the rank of Petty-Officer and from 6 July 1861 was appointed Gunner, Royal Navy : Served both at sea and ashore including the Royal Navy Gunnery Establishments at HMS.'Cambridge' and HMS. 'Excellent' : From 1 September 1871 he served as Gunner in HMS.'Resistance', leaving the ship for HMS. 'Caledonia' on 1 July 1873 : He continued to serve both at sea and ashore, joining HMS.'Nankin' as Gunner from 4 July 1882, from which ship he was Pensioned on 8 October 1884.) : The medal was purchased at auction when it was offered in the same Lot with the Naval General Service Medal 1793-1840 bar 'Syria' awarded to Lieutenant (later Admiral) EDWARD CODD), who it was later discovered did not serve in the Baltic Campaign : A search of the Roll for Baltic Medal ascertained that only one man with the surname CODD could possibly be entitled to the medal, that man being ROBERT PALMER CODD : Todate it has not been possible to establish the family connection between ROBERT PALMER CODD and EDWARD CODD. : Sold with verification, copy Service Record, copy Marriage Certificate, copy Census Record and other related information : GVF - £295 ************************************************************ See also the Naval General Service Medal 1793-1840 bar 'Syria' awarded to Lieutenant EDWARD CODD, Royal Navy, offered for sale in this section :