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British War Medal 1914-18 : J.40004 C.MARKHAM, AB., RN. (CHARLES MARKHAM - Born 4 April 1896 at Manchester, a cabinet makers assistant on the date of joining the Royal Navy, 26 May 1915 : Posted to the newly commissioned, monitor HMS. 'Lord Clive' from 3 July 1915 : The ship which was initially equipped with 12 inch guns and later a single 18 inch gun, was stationed in the English Channel and spent World War One bombarding German positions along the Belgian coast : The recipient left the 'Lord Clive' on 6 November 1917 and after a time spent at the shore base 'HMS. 'Pembroke', joined the crew of the Bramble-class gunboat, HMS.'Britomart' on 4 February 1918, for service in the Persian Gulf : He remained in the ship until the end of the war and was demobilised from 'Pembroke' on 27 January 1920.) : Sold with copy Service Record and related research : Some quite heavy edge bruised but naming legible Fair/Fine - £18