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Bar, 'Fenian Raid 1870', Officially engraved naming in upright capital letters - LT. W.G. HUNTER, 69/S.LIN: R. (South Lincolnshire Regiment) : (WILLIAM GEORGE HUNTER - Born 5 May 1847 at Prospect Hill, Isle of Man, The Barony of Dod, House of Burnside : He was the 11th.and last Laird of Burnside, a Title which he inherited as an infant in 1847, upon the death of his father : He was a Magistrate for the County of Forfar : Educated at Eton and Sandhurst he was granted a Commission without purchase as an Ensign in the 69th.Regiment of Foot (South Lincolnshire), from 23 June 1865 : He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, without purchase from 3 February 1869 :The Regiment served in North America and was present at the Battle of Trout River, near Huntington, Quebec on 27 May 1870, where it assisted in driving the Fenian rebels back into the United States : He served in Bermuda between 1 April 1871 and 30 June 1871 : Promoted to the rank of Captain by Purchase from 5 July 1871 but retired on 28 October 1871 : Subsequently served as Captain of the 1st. West York Militia : He resigned his Commission in February 1879, although he served briefly during the Great War as a Temporary Captain, General List for Miscellaneous Appointments : He served at home only with 2nd.Bn. Welsh Regiment and 3rd. Bn. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and had no medal entitlement for his war service : Between 1881 and 1883 he sold his family estate of Burnside and Dod and purchased 'The Elms' at Hunningham, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire to where he retired with his family : He died on the Isle of Man in 1936.) : Medal claimed in 1899 : Sold with verification; copy Service Record with 69th. Regiment; copy Medal Information Card; copy Army List entries and related research : A scarce medal to a British Officer EF - £895