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Bar, 'Sebastopol', officially impressed naming - RD. CURTIS ORD. : (RICHARD CURTIS - Served as an Ordinary Seaman in HMS. 'London' during the Crimea War and would have been present at the first bombardment, of the Forts on the North Side of Sebastopol Harbour, by the ships of the Royal Naval Squadron on 17 October 1854 : He would almost certainly also have taken part in the subsequent operations before Sebastopol with the Naval Brigade : His medal was "Delivered on board" to him on HMS. 'London' in 1856.) : Some 743 officially impressed Crimea Medals were awarded to men who served in HMS. 'London' : Of these medals only approximately 100 were known to still be in existence in January 2018 : Last sold by Spink, London in their auction of 25-26 April 2018 : Sold with verification, slight trace of solder at claw and small edge nicks but generally Scarce VF - £765