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Bar, 'Sebastopol', officially engraved naming in bold upright serif capital letters by Hunt & Roskell - Pvte. W. BOSWELL Scot's Fus.Gds. (Scots Fusilier Guards) : (2379 WILLIAM BOSWELL - Born at Chichester, Sussex around 1820, a tailor by trade on 6 December 1838, when he attested for the Scots Fusilier Guards : On 1 January 1844 he was sentenced to be imprisoned for a period of five days having been apprehended by the Civil Power, and convicted on a charge of assault : He served with the 1st. Battalion of the Regiment in the Crimea from from 28 February 1854 until 29 May 1855 and was discharged on 10 June 1856, "in consequence of being unfit for further service" : His intended place of residence was stated as Chichester. : Medal Roll confirms that his medal was sent to 'H&R' (Hunt & Roskell) for naming.) : Sold with verification and copy Service Papers : With contact marks and quite severe edge bruising, but naming still perfectly legible - Generally about GF - £195