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Bar, 'Benin 1897', officially impressed naming - J. WILKINSON, Sto. (Stoker), HMS. 'Forte' : (JOHN ROBERT WILKINSON - Born 13 February 1874 in the Village of Waythe, Lincolnshire, a labourer by trade on the day he joined the Royal Navy as a Stoker 2nd.Class at 'Victory II', 3 June 1895 : Moved to HMS. 'Hibernia' from 1 April 1896 and then to the newly commissioned Astraea Class cruiser, HMS.'Forte' on 7 July of that year : Advanced to Stoker whilst still in 'Forte' from 12 November 1896 and took part in Expedition to Benin City between 6 February and 7 August 1897, against Chief Overiami, who had been indulging in human sacrifice and slave trading : Transferred to shore bases, 'Victory II', 'Victory III' and back to 'Victory II' between 15 December 1897 and 27 March 1898 : Posted to HMS. 'Duke of Wellington' from 1 April 1899 followed by periods in, 'Majestic', 'Aboukir' and 'Hermes', before joining 'Dryad' on 22 February 1906, having been advanced to Leading Stoker one year previously : Advanced to Stoker Petty-Officer Class II from 1 July 1906 and 'Shore Pensioned' on 1 January 1907.) : Sold with verification and copy Service Record : Approximately 320 bars to HMS. 'Forte' for 'Benin 1897' : One slight edge bruise to reverse rim below the the letter 'S' of 'HMS' but naming not affected, otherwise GVF - Reserved