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Egypt Campaign Medal 1882-89, undated reverse, no bar, correctly impressed naming - P. NICOL, ERA. 4Cl. HMS. Tyne : (PETER NICOL - Born 7 March 1859 at Clackmannan, Scotland, a copper-smith by trade on the day he joined the Royal Navy at HMS. 'Pembroke', 9 March 1883 : Appointed as Acting Engine-Room Artificer 4th.Class in HMS. 'Valiant' from 4 June 1883, but returned to 'Pembroke' a month later : Posted to HMS. 'Tyne' from 20 February 1884 and present in the ship during the Egyptian Campaign of 1884 : Returned to 'Pembroke' from 7 January 1885 and from May of that year until February 1891 he served in - 'Ajax'; 'Urgent'; 'Royal Adelaide'; 'Duncan'; 'Wildfire'; 'Northampton' and finally 'Boomerang' and was advanced through the Rates to be Engine-Room Artificer 2nd.Class from 27 January 1891 : He was invalided from the Service on 5 August 1892 whilst stationed at HMS. 'Vivid II'.) : Sold with verification and copy Service Record : Almost entirely free from contact marks NEF - £160