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Bar, 'Persia', officially impressed naming in block capital letters - J. REILLY, 2nd. Bombay Eur. LI. ( Bombay European Light Infantry : The Regiment served in the first phase of the Campaign in Persia during 1856-57 as part of the Expeditionary Force commanded by Major-General F. Stalker, which had landed virtually unopposed near Bushire on 4 December 1856 : By 9 December General Stalker felt strong enough to take the initiative, the 64th. Foot (the only British Regiment present), had 27 Officers and 934 Other Ranks, and the 2nd. Bombay European Regiment, 22 Officers and 907 Other Ranks : Their first objective was an old Dutch fort at Reshire : On the morning of 9 December, General Stalker marched to attack the Persians, who had gathered a considerable force to oppose him and were observed in the village of Reshire where they occupied a formidable position : After some smart skirmishing the enemy made a headlong retreat for their earthworks around the old fort of Reshire : The enemy was pursued by the British Infantry which leapt into the ditch surrounding the fort, and charged up the embankment of loose sand and stones, the 64th. and 2nd. Europeans charging side by side with the bayonet : The enemy fled down the cliffs where many met their death in trying to escape through the ravines and more were cut up by the Cavalry : The 2nd. Europeans had two men killed and six wounded , though two of their three Officers who had been wounded, later succumbed to their wounds : In 1861 the 2nd. Bombay European Light Infantry became the 106th.(Bombay Light Infantry) on joining the Home Establishment and subsequently became 2nd. Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry.) : Sold with some research detail : Generally GVF - £695