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Bar, 'Umbeyla', officially impressed naming - 152 T. BROWN, 93rd. Highlanders : (THOMAS BROWN - Born in the Parish of Bridgetown, Glasgow around 1837 and attested for the 92nd.Highlanders (Gordon Highlanders) at Edinburgh on 13 February 1856 : Transferred to the 93rd. Highlanders ((Sutherland Highlanders), on 1 March 1857 : He served in India from 16 June 1857 with the Regiment and was involved in the suppression of the Sepoy Mutiny including the storming of the Secundra Bagh on 16 November 1857 and the subsequent operations at Lucknow, for which he was awarded the Indian Mutiny Medal with bars for 'Relief of Lucknow' and 'Lucknow' : He was again in action in 1863, the Regiment being involved with the Expeditionary Force against the Muslim fanatics in Sittana between October and December of that year : He was Discharged on 18 May 1866, then having completed in excess of ten years service with the colours.) : Sold with verification and copy Service Papers : Medal mounted on original silk ribbon Toned NEF - £395