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Bars, 'Punjab Frontier 1897-98', ' Samana 1897', 'Tirah 1897-98', correct style of running script engraved naming - 4632 Pte. W.H. WASHINGTON, 1st. Bn. North'n Regt. (Northamptonshire Regiment) : ( Private W.H. WASHINGTON - Served with the 1st.Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment which formed part of the 2nd.Division, 3rd.Brigade of the Tirah Expeditionary Force to the Northern Frontier of India in 1897-98 : On 9 November 1897 the Battalion took part in a Reconnaissance in Force under the command of Brigadier General Richard Westmacott, to the crest of the Saran Sar : "During the advance few of the enemy showed themselves, but in the retirement, which was commenced at 14.00hrs., the Northamptonshire Regiment which formed the rear-guard was closely pressed : It's movement from the crest into the valley, which was much delayed by the steepness of the decent and by the number of wounded men who had to be carried by their comrades, was covered by the guns, the flanks being held by two Sikh regiments : Eventually a portion of the Northamptonshire Regiment became entangled in a deep ravine where they were fired into at close quarters by the enemy tribesmen : The 36th.Sikhs were sent back to extricate them, but evening was coming on, and before assistance could be rendered a party consisting of an Officer and twelve men was cut off and shot down" : The 1st. Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment at Saran Sar suffered total casualties of two Officers and sixteen Other Ranks killed, with one Officer and twenty-six Other Ranks wounded, mostly severely.) : Sold with verification and a copy of the Official Despatch covering the action at Saran Sar from General Sir W.S.A. Lockhart, KCB. KCSI. : GVF - £385