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Bars, 'Punjab Frontier 1897-98', 'Tirah 1897-98', correct style of running script engraved naming - 3251 Pte. W. TAPPER, 1st. Bn. Dorset Regt. : (WALTER TAPPER - Was born around 1872 at Winterbourn Abbas, Dorchester and attested for the Dorsetshire Regiment at Dorchester on 24 July 1891 : He served at home with the 2nd.Battalion until transferred to 1st.Battalion on 27 January 1893 for service in Egypt : He remained in Egypt until 26 September 1893 on which date the Battalion left for service in India : He served on the North West Frontier including taking part in the Tirah Campaign of 1897-98, and was present at Waran (Tseri Kandoa) on 16 November 1897, where the Battalion was involved in heavy fighting against the Afridis : "When the 36th. Sikh Regiment was sent back to assist the 15th. Sikh Regiment, two companies of the Dorset Regiment were at the same time detached to support the 36th. Sikhs : One and half of these companies were ordered by Captain Hammond, to take post in a house on the line which it was presumed the Sikhs were falling back on : The remaining half-company with Captain Hammond went on to the camp, shortly after which those left in the house were attacked and considering their position untenable, unfortunately left the post and attempted to withdraw to the camp : In the gathering darkness they missed the road, became entangled in ravines and were assailed on all sides by the Afridis and were soon broken up into small groups, and although they desperately defended themselves with great courage against their savage assailants there was little chance of success : The result of this deadly struggle in the dark was that throughout the night, small groups of twos and threes, a poor remnant of the men of the Dorset Regiment struggled, wounded and weary into camp, their blood-stained bayonets and battered gun-stocks attesting to the desperate nature of the hand to hand conflict in which they had been engaged : However eleven of them including their two Officers, Lieutenants Crooke and Hales were left behind dead." : The recipient was SEVERELY WOUNDED with contusions in this engagement : He left India on 28 December 1898 and returned home where he was transferred to Army Reserve from 31 December 1898 : He rejoined the Regiment in January 1900 and served until 31 January 1902 when he was again placed on Army Reserve. He was finally discharged on 23 July 1903.) : Sold with verification, copy Service Papers and copy Casualty Roll - EF - £595