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Bar, 'Punjab Frontier 1897-98', correct style of running script engraved naming - 4039 Lce.Corpl. J. MENDHAM, 1st. Bn. Ryl. W. Kent Regt. (Royal West Kent Regiment) : (WALTER BAGGE MENDHAM - Born in the village of Shipdham, Norfolk in 1874, a draper by trade on the date he attested for the Royal West Kent Regiment, 29 December 1893 : He served at home until 25 January 1895 when his Battalion was posted to India for service on the North West Frontier : He was promoted to the Rank of Corporal from 4 February 1901 and on 21 June 1901 was permitted to extend his service to complete twelve years with the colours : On 20 December 1901 he was promoted to the Rank of Sergeant and remained in India until February 1902 when he was posted to Malta : He returned home to England on 28 October 1902 but from 29 November of that year he was employed with the Southern Nigeria Regiment in Africa, and granted the Rank of Colour-Sergeant : Between 29 January and 15 March 1903 he took part in the expedition to Kano and Sokoto, under General Kemball, one of only twelve British NCO's to receive the medal with bar, 'N.Nigeria 1903' for this campaign : In 1904 he was with the expedition under the command of Brevet-Major I.G.Hogg, DSO. against the natives of the Asaba Hinterland which had commenced on 17 January 1904 : He was KILLED IN ACTION on 28 January 1904 during an attack on Ukunza at Onichaalona, a town north-west of Asaba : The report of his death was sent by telegram dated 16 February 1904 from the Acting High Commissioner of Southern Nigeria to the Secretary of State for the Colonies : The Royal West Kent Regiment subsequently mounted a memorial to the recipient in All Saints Church, which is situated next to the Regimental Barracks at Maidstone, Kent : The Memorial reads, "To the glory of God and in memory of Walter Bagge Mendham, Sergeant The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment, and Colour Sergeant Southern Nigeria Regiment, who was killed in action at Onichaalona Southern Nigeria 28th January 1904" : The India Medal is named to "J. Mendham" in accordance with the prepared Roll but his correct name was "Walter Bagge Mendham", the reason for this discrepancy is not known, however the recipient's Regimental Number on the medal is correct and it is confirmed both on the Medal Roll and in his Service Papers : There was no other man with that surname serving with the Regiment at that time : The India Medal 1895 with bar, 'Punjab Frontier 1897-98', is not common to the the Royal West Kent Regiment, "British Battles And Medals" records the Regiment under "Unbrigaded troops" with the comment, "1 Royal West Kents are also known to have been present." The recipient was also entitled to receive the Africa General Service Medal 1902 with bars, 'N.Nigeria 1903' and 'S.Nigeria 1904'.) : A medal to a very scarce casualty sold with verification; copy Service Papers; copy Record Of Deceased Soldiers' Effects and related research GVF - £695