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No bar, officially impressed naming - D. O'HERE, 1st.Batn. 24th.Regt. : (DANIEL O'HERE - Born in Ireland around 1822, was at one time resident at Penge, Battersea, London : Served in India with 24th.Regiment stationed at Rawul Pindi : On 1 July 1857 three Companies of the 24th. Regiment, amounting to two hundred and eighty-five of all ranks under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel C.H. Ellice, were ordered from Rawul Pindi to Lahore and on 4 July 1857 received further instructions to march to Jhelum, to be accompanied by three horse artillery guns and a detachment of Native Cavalry, for the purpose of disarming the 14th. Bengal Native Infantry and detachments of the 39th. Native Infantry, who were believed to be about to mutiny : On nearing the cantonments on the morning of 7th July, after a night march of over twelve miles from Deenah, Colonel Ellice was informed that these Regiments had indeed mutinied : He pressed on with the guns and cavalry and was very soon met by the Officers, who were making their escape, pursued by the fire of their own mutinous Sepoys, who on perceiving the advancing force took refuge in their lines, previously loopholed, and occupying strongly fortified keep or guard room, which commanded the whole position : The Sepoys numbered over one thousand, all armed and and well provided with ammunition; Colonel Ellice had with him less than three hundred infantry and three guns available for the task of assaulting a well-posted enemy from open plain : He attacked from a flank and drove the mutineers from line to line of huts, till he reached a position from where he could make an assault on the keep itself, which was carried by the men of the 24th Regiment at the point of the bayonet with the greatest gallantry : The Sepoys had lost heavily and what remained of them were now retreating hastily across the plain : The 24th. had Captain F. Spring killed, Colonel Ellice and Lieutenants Streatfield and Chichester were dangerously wounded; one Corporal and nineteen Privates were killed with two Serjeants and forty-eight Privates wounded : The recipient was among those men wounded in this action, but he recovered to be married at Rawul Pindi on 8 December 1857.) Sold with verification; copy London Gazette entry of 19 May 1858; copy 1851 Census Record; copy Casualty Roll and related research : It must be taken into consideration the relatively small number of men of the 24th.Regiment who took part in the Battle of Jhelum which makes this medal all the more scarce and desirable NEF - £850