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Bar, 'Central India', officially impressed naming - H. HOPPER, 14th. Lgt. Dragns. (Light Dragoons) : (HENRY HOPPER - Served with the Regiment in Persia between 5 December 1856 and 8 February 1857, prior to taking part in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny with the Central India Field Force under the command of Major-General Sir Hugh Rose : The Regiment was involved in numerous engagements between October 1857 and May 1858 : The recipient is recorded as having died from sunstroke on 24 May 1858 whilst in camp at Calpee : Only three Squadrons of the 14th. Light Dragoons were present during the Mutiny.) : Sold with verification, copy Muster Roll for January - March 1857 for the Persia Campaign and related research : One slight edge bruise at 5.00 o'clock above 'Lgt.' but naming not affected : Scarce and Generally GVF - £550