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Bars, 'Defence of Lucknow', 'Lucknow' , officially impressed naming - J. Byrne, 1st. Madras Fusrs. : (The 1st. Madras Fusiliers formed part of the 1st. Relief Force under the command of Brigadier-General Sir Henry Havelock, which moved up from Allahabad on 7 July 1857 in an attempt to relieve the garrison at Lucknow. With a meagre 1,500 men Havelock defeated the forces of Nana Sahib at Fatepur on 12 July, Aong and Pandi on 15 July and Cawnpore the following day : Havelock entered Cawnpore on 17 July 1857 only to discover that the captured British women and children had all been butchered : With his small force weakened by losses through enemy action and disease, Havelock was compelled to await reinforcements before continuing his advance on Lucknow. These arrived under the command of Major-General Sir James Outram and increased his command to 3,000 men : The advance on Lucknow was resumed, and on 30 September 1857, Havelock's column broke through to the garrison but the loss was heavy with 535 men killed or wounded and the column was too weakened to withdraw and thus remained besieged within Lucknow with the original garrison. There is a Private JAMES BYRNE, 1st.Madras Fusiliers, recorded on the Casualty Roll as 'Slightly wounded in left arm at Lucknow 25 September 1857' : A total of 376 men of the 1st. Madras Fusiliers received the bar for 'Defence of Lucknow', the Regiment subsequently became the 1st.Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers.) Sold with copy entry Casualty Roll, slight contact marks to obverse but generally GVF-NEF & Scarce - £1395