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Bars. 'Defence of Lucknow', 'Lucknow', officially impressed naming - T.WATSON, 78th. Highlanders : (THOMAS WATSON - Born at Deptford, Kent around 1827 and attested for the 78th.Highlanders on 3 April 1845 : Served in India for in excess of fourteen years during which time he was engaged in the Persian War of 1857 and the suppression of the Indian Mutiny, for which he was granted an additional one year 'Service towards Pay and Pension, having been engaged in the Defence of the Alum Bagh Post in 1857'. The 78th.Highlanders formed part of the First Lucknow Relief Force under the command of Brigadier-General Sir Henry Havelock : The 78th.Highlanders were awarded no fewer than eight Victoria Crosses during the Defence and Capture of Lucknow : The recipient was discharged at Dublin on 2 May 1865.) : Sold with verification and copy Service Papers : Some contact marks and slight edge bruising but generally VF - £925