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Bar, 'Syria', officially impressed naming - ALFRED FORD : (ALFRED FORD - Born around 1820, joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 1st Class in HMS. 'Excellent' on 11 August 1834 : Transferred to HMS. 'Sapphire' from 17 April 1835 and remained in that ship until 14 August 1838, on which date he was advanced to Ordinary Seaman and transferred to HMS. 'Hastings' : Whilst serving in 'Hastings', on 4 November 1840, he was present at the bombardment and capture of Acre, Syria, by the combined fleet under the command of Admiral Sir Robert Stopford : Whilst still serving in 'Hastings' on 14 February 1841, he was advanced to Able Bodied Man but was 'Paid Off' from 2 February 1842 : He joined the crew of HMS. 'Winchester' on 16 April 1842, from which ship he was 'Paid Off' on 30 April 1846 : On 1 January 1847 he joined HM. Coast Guard as a Boatman, but on 12 February 1854 was recalled to the Royal Navy and joined HMS. 'Royal George' as an AB. for service in the Baltic, during the Crimean War : He was returned to Coast Guard service as a Boatman on 1 May 1856 and advanced to Commissioned Boatman on 16 November of that year : He later served in the Coast Guard vessels ' Melampus' from 1 April 1857 to 28 February 1858; 'Arrogant' from 1 March 1858 to 22 August 1859 and finally 'Dauntless' from 23 August 1859 until retirement on 9 March 1861, then having completed in excess of 22 years service.) : A unique name on the Roll of the Naval General Service Medal, the recipient was also awarded the Baltic Medal for his service in 'Royal George' and the Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, which was awarded on 16 April 1861 : Sold with verification, copy Service Record and related research : GVF - £895