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Bar, 'Syria', officially impressed naming - EDWARD CODD, Lieut., R.N. : (EDWARD CODD - Born around 1805 at Woodham Mortimer, Maldon, Essex, entered the Royal Navy on 11 September 1820 as a First Class Volunteer in HMS. 'Northumberland' : Became Midshipman on 4 August 1821 serving in HMS.'Argus' and was employed on the North America and West Indies stations : From October 1825 until March 1833, was borne on the books latterly, having passed his examination on 11 September 1827, as Mate and Acting Lieutenant in HMS. 'Warspite'. He was subsequently placed in command of the tender of HMS. 'Adelaide' and was very creditably employed at Cape Frio in recovering the stores and specie wrecked in HMS. 'Thetis' : He was posted to HMS. 'Asia' as Mate from 14 June 1833; 'Victory' from 16 October 1834 and then to 'Britannia' from 1 September 1835 : He was officially promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 8 January 1836 and posted to HMS.'Caledonia' on the Mediterranean station from 2 February 1836 : He moved to HMS.'Edinburgh' in April 1836 then back to 'Caledonia' in November of that year before moving to HMS. 'Talbot' on 3 January 1838, where he was placed in command of the Hind cutter : In February 1838, 'Talbot' had been demasted and nearly lost in a violent gale in the English Channel : Whilst still serving in 'Talbot' as Second-Lieutenant, he was involved in the bombardment of St Jean d' Acre and took part in various sounding and other operations which proceeded the fall of the fortress : He was posted as First Lieutenant to HMS.'Cornwallis' the flag-ship of China station from 27 June 1843 : He was advanced to the rank of Commander on 11 November 1844, left 'Cornwallis' on 22 November 1844, and was placed on half-pay : He served in HMS.'Hiburnia' from 7 April 1847 to 21 June 1849; HMS.'Queen' from 22 June 1849 to 29 April 1851 before moving to 'Firebrand' as Acting Captain on 30 April 1851 and promotion to full Captain on 1 May 1851 : He remained in 'Firebrand' until 4 December 1852 and was next appointed as Captain of HMS. 'James Watt' from 18 March 1859 : He transferred to HMS. 'Hawke' on 12 September 1863 and to 'Colossus' from 5 January 1864 : He was appointed Rear-Admiral from 24 May 1867 : Promoted to Vice-Admiral 25 August 1873 and Admiral from 26 September 1878 : He died at his residence at Hanover Square, London on 14 April 1887 and was buried at Woodham Mortimer Churchyard, he was 82 years of age at his death.) : Sold with verification, copy Service Papers, copy Census Record for 1861; copy newspaper reports of death and funeral and related research : Scarce medal to an Officer who rose to the Rank of full Admiral : Contact marks, and with edge nicks but naming not affected, polished : Generally GF - £1750